Our service department group has a vast amount of experience, combined with over 70 years.  Our Existing Sprinkler System Maintenance Includes:

  • Professionally installed systems with very minimal amount of service. 
  • Under normal circumstances, all sprinkler systems in the Tri State area should require services such as winterizing, spring start up.  Occasionally, there will be need for summer adjustments. 
  • We will train you on the minor tasks of irrigation maintenance at the time of the demonstration or initial service visit.  We encourage you to take part in your sprinkler system.  Use our Glossary of Terms for terminology in the automatic lawn sprinkler industry. 
  • At times you will find the need to make adjustments at the sprinkler head, or adjustments at the controller.  The 'Do it yourself' approach is an excellent way to learn the system and save time when service is needed.  
  • Lawn Sprinklers will provide an unlimited amount of service visits for any new systems and for any reason in the first 12 months of operation following the installation.  This service promise is an excellent advantage over the competition who simply states a 12 month warranty.  
  • Lawn Sprinklers will not charge any service fees for any visits to a residential customer who simply wants a spray head or rotor adjusted, or controller re-programmed.  No charge for adjustments is our way of saying "thank you" for your business and is our approach of eliminating the 'nickel & dime' costs passed on to customers by other contractors.
  • Emergency Services.  We are readily available any time to receive requests and calls for maintenance, and will even respond 24/7 for emergencies.  Simply call the main line number at 513-779-6850 after hours, and you will receive a return call.
  • Whether the customers' system is new, old, or in the planning stages, customers can rely on Lawn Sprinklers to be there when questions and issues arise.  Maintenance plans are available and very competitive. 
Lawn Sprinklers is very proud of our growth since 1999.  Much of the growth stems from new installation customers and also customers that select our company to maintain and service their systems.  We welcome any customer that has an existing system to contact us and discuss their service requirements with our staff.  513-779-6850