Each system is designed exclusively for your property.  Lawn Sprinklers vast array of experienced employees, enables customers to receive the most, efficient and upgraded system available.  Lawn Sprinklers is very proud of our experience in installing systems as small as a flower box and as large as 3 block area of town.

Only the newest and most effeicient machinery is used during an installation process.  Lawn Sprinklers utilizes the Vibratory Plow for homeowners and the 'pulling' of the pipe into the ground eliminates any trenching and settling of the lawn.  The process is so refined that once the components are in the ground, the customer may never be able to tell a system was installed.  The 'after' completion of installation processes are as much important as during the installation.  THIS IS OUR GOAL!

Process & Timing

  1. Once your consultation and design is complete, we will schedule a convenient appointment date for you.  Before installing a new sprinkler system, Lawn Sprinklers will review diligently considerations made earlier with the property owner. 
  2. We will provide minimum two day prior notice before arriving for the installation.  Lawn Sprinklers does not want to inconveniance you, so we take great lengths to provide all the upfront tasks prior to installation.  We will make arrangements to have property marked by all utility companies, call for permits, pay the fees, etc.
  3. Upon arriving at the project site, the Lawn Sprinklers foreman will introduce himself, and explain the days goals.  
    • The foremen have no less than 10 years experience minimum, so take comfort that all aspects of the install are properly taken. 
    • Foreman make sure the project is installed effeciently from beginning to end.  The foreman is responsible to ensure that the exact specifications of the design are implememted.  
    • Any changes will be discussed with you prior to beginning work.  
    • The average installation of a neighborhood home is 2-3 days.  Commerical sites and athletic fields will vary in time of completion due to working conditions from the construction of site.
  4. Lawn Sprinklers will take care of:
    • the electrical and plumbing of the system
    • moving and putting back anything belonging to you
    • clean up
    • several cycle checks before the system is considered complete and ready for demonstration. 
  5. The President of Lawn Sprinklers, Doug Collins, will follow up in two weeks to answer any questions and provide additional demonstrations if necessary.  In fact, there are unlimited amount of service trips to educate customers on the system which all are at no cost, forever! 

Lawn Sprinklers has been assisting homeowners for years on how to achieve "A Greener Healthier Way of Living!" Contact Us online, email us at , or call us at 513-779-6850.