Consultation and Design

How to Measure the Perimeter of a Yard

A professional design is required. A poorly designed sprinkler system is worse to own than not owning a system at all.

Lawn Sprinklers is very committed to partnering with customers in the consultation and design process.  We want our customers to feel safe and confident in their investment dollars, and therefore it is important to us that we communicate and share as much as possible.  We want our customers to know that when they select Lawn Sprinklers they will be receiving the most tight, efficient watering system.  Lawn Sprinklers as a company has been consulting and designing irrigation systems in the tri state area for over 13 years.  Individually, our professional employees who consult and design have minimum 15 years experience.  Everyone within the company must be properly trained and crossed trained.  Training and experience is a very important aspect as it helps with synergy during the installation process thus giving the customer the most well designed and efficient system.  Designers at Lawn Sprinklers understand the hydraulics, electrical, and placement of components as they relate to the various factors affecting the performance.  Some factors include, soil, grasses, plants, shrubs, trees, roots, slope, shade, and wind pattern. Irrigation fact: Each foot of elevation change is equal to 0.433 PSI of water pressure.

Water Flow and Water Pressure

Lawn sprinklers spaced head-to-head

"When mother nature rains, she pretty much rains evenly all over the lawn. Lawn Sprinklers goal in designing and installing systems is to emulate mother nature! After all, that is why we are here to pick up where mother nature let's us down." - Doug C., Owner

A sprinkler system requires two things to operate- water flow and water pressure. Flow alone will not operate the sprinklers heads (rotors and sprays) adequately unless it has the proper pressure behind. Calculating water flow, static and working pressure rates are all vital in designing a system, and each property has it's own set to work a design from. The placement of the sprinkler heads is also determined while factoring flow and pressure.

A well designed system is one that is spaced correctly, and that each nozzle inserted in the rotors and sprays are correctly calculated. In order to achieve the optimum amount of water, a designer needs information and data.

Rule: Sprinkler Radius = distance between sprinklers

Sprinklers are intentionally designed to provide 100% overlapping coverage. Each sprinkler must throw all the way to the other for even precipitation, just like 'mother nature'. This cannot be obtained without visiting the site and conducting several water tests. Lawn Sprinklers tests all properties that have water available. We want to install a system that has excellent spacing, flow, pressure, and the nozzle are properly selected and are rated by the proper GPM (gallons per minute).

Optimal Moisture Levels

Sprinkler spacing for optimal head-to-head water coverage

Each sprinkler system is designed to provide the optimal moisture levels, not just for the customer's lawn, but for the important plants that make up the landscape.  In the end, we are here to help you achieve a beautiful lawn, healthy plants, and protection of your valuable asset and investment in your property!

Note the uniform distances between sprinkler heads, the area in the red circle has the poorest water coverage, but at less than 17' it will be ok.

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